Ann Martin - Fine Art Watercolours from Ireland

Making Art with Ann Martin

IN THIS PLACE: every Wednesday
Upstairs at Hackett's
Main Street

Enroll by contacting Ann Martin or tel: 028 38426

FOUR WEEKS 10:30 til 4:30 € 220.00
FULL DAY € 60.00
3 HR SESSION € 35.00
The focus of the course is interpreting direct sight as line, shape and colour on paper. We will work both in the studio and on location.
Materials: any medium appropriate to working on a paper ground: soft pencils, watercolour, ink, brushes (incidentals: ridgid support for paper, small water container, kneaded erasure, soft sponge/cotton, tape/clips)

Session 1: Getting to Know You

10:30 tutorial
How to begin: materials, dealing with the demands of open air painting, setting realistic goals.

The morning tutorial will concern choosing materials and tools, approaches to working outside the studio. Goal: exploring how materials and location effect the nature of the work.

11:30 group walk in the field, choosing a subject, taking linear notes, transforming the choice into a visual experience.

1:00 problem solving together over lunch

2:00 committing it to paper (line and wash)

3:30 - 4:30 reflecting about the experience

Session 2: Laying It Out

10:30 tutorial
Approaching two dimensional space: the hierarchy of space and content, the exploration of alternative purposes within a single work.
Technique: watercolour wash, linear support: the architecture of an artwork

The tutorial will concern imagination and focus, dominance of an idea, stories within stories. Sharing historical references. Practical demonstration of laying out the subject: looking at the importance of what we choose, how our image is built. Goal: appreciating the possible depth of a single image.

11:30 supervision in the field (full day )

1:00 problem solving lunch-time at Hackett's Upstairs. (one hour )

2:00 supervision in the field

3:30 - 4:30 thinking about what was important

Session 3: A person or people

10:30 tutorial
Capturing form and movement, moving from the general view of the public to the particular person, analysis of the human body. Demonstration with live model.

The tutorial will focus on people within an artwork, an approach to inferring form and action and the hard facts of life drawing.

11:30 supervised life drawing with model

1:00 problem solving lunchtime

2:00 model placed in location

3:30 - 4:30 what to keep from the experience

Session 4: Applying Art to real time

10:30 tutorial Upstairs at Hackett's

What is the job of the artist? Looking at individual skills and applications. Emotions and morality: considering the relationship to the subject of the created object and to the viewer of the completed work.

The first hour will concern knowing yourself as an individual with a unique conceptual imagination, making a decision about location, judging the worthiness of the subject, considering how far you will need to go to get at the true subject.

11:30 Individual choice of a unique subject. Setting up.

1:00 Problem solving lunchtime (alternatively: we'll pack your lunch for later because everyone knows how hard it is to tear yourself away...)

2:00 Getting into the artwork as far as you can...

3:30 - 4:30 Reflection until dark on the nature of art


An Exhibition of Work by the participants
(No past work will be considered nor work from other locales. Work mounted unframed.)

You can download the details of the course as a PDF file
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nude study
Nude Study, New York City