Ann Martin - Fine Art Watercolours from Ireland



Omaha, Nebraska
1964Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minnesota
1968University of Minnesota, Mankato
1969-71Organizer: Teutonia Heights Advancement Council, Milwaukee Voter Registration Campaign, Illinois Gubenatorial Campaign
1971-75Reportorial Artist: American Broadcasting Company, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Magaizine: Black Panther Trial, Chicago Seven, Gainsville Eight Watergate Hearings, Kent State/National Guard Trial
1973Exhibition: Watergate Hearings, Industrial Areas Foundation, Chicago, Illinois
1974Gainsville Eight Trial
1975Wounded Knee
1978Residency: Abidjan, Cotè d'Ivoire
1979Residency: Long Island, New York
1983Exhibition: Sea Creatures, Jonathan's of Huntington
1984Exhibition: Rare Fruits, Jonathan's of Huntington Residency in Johannesburg and Soweto, South Africa West Cork, Ireland


1985Exhibition: Safe Harbour, Castletownshend, Ireland
1986Exhibition: Irish Landscapes, Indian Acres Gallery, Oyster Bay Cove
1988-98Selected Exhibitions
1996-2005Organizer and Artist in Residence, Summer Music Summer School Ardingly College, West Sussex, England
2000Retrospective Exhibition: Witness, Castletownshend, Ireland
2002Exhibition: Time Spent, Penn Club, London, England
2004Exhibition: American Beauty, Chicago, Illinois Artist in Residence, Francis Parker School, Chicago, Illinois
2005Exhibition: Present Histories, Penn Club, London, England
2006Exhibition: Present Histories, Georgetown University, Washington D.C.
2007Exhibition: Present Histories, Columbia, Maryland
2008Residency: Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, Minnesota, USA
 Exhibition: Landscapes, Chris Doswell Gallery, Ireland
  Ann's father was an intellectual blue collar worker whose shop was their home. Her mother was an avid naturalist. She was nurtured with curiosity, freedom of the natural world and personal independence. In the depths of the civil-rights movement, her companions were an assortment of theology and philosophy students, who believed in non-violent, constructive social change. Her work reflects her focus on humanity and the complexities of life.